The Network of Journalists with a Gender Perspective in Morocco was created

Bradley Rice | September 19, 2018 | 0 | Journalist , News , World News

After a week of training, workshops and debates, journalists and journalism students from different parts of Morocco agreed to create a network that makes visible the reality of women from journalistic information and allows them to stay in touch to share, exchange and develop common strategies .
In a meeting that took place from 10 to 14 May, the importance of gender in the informative treatment of non-sexist language was discussed and the image of Moroccan women in the media was analyzed. The workshops that took place in that opportunity allowed the journalists to learn the tools of radio production and the creation of a web page.
The latter has served to create the website of the Moroccan network of journalists with a gender vision that is currently under construction. At the moment it will be in French but the possibility of translating it into other languages is being evaluated.
This training week was held at the Higher Institute of Journalism and Communication in Morocco, thanks to the support of the Moroccan Hispano Studies Center Foundation and the Unesco Chair of the University of Malaga.
Jeanette Mauricio, coordinator of the Madrid Network, was invited to give a radio workshop with a gender perspective. The journalist stressed that “the experience has been enriching. There is a lot of motivation and above all desire to do things, to weave bridges and act. We have many common struggles such as the precariousness of journalists in the media, the lack of journalists in decision-making positions in the media, the lack of a gender perspective in the information treatment, the reification of women in the media (for example, publicity), the blaming of women in information about gender violence …. It sounds to you, right? So we could continue … “.
Elena Blanco Castilla; journalism professor at the University of Málaga, she was part of the teaching team during the training week and spoke about the importance of continuing working with the gender perspective, in the field of journalism and communication.
This network will allow us to have an echo in a new country and gives us the responsibility to make visible the situation of our Moroccan compañeras. From the organization it was affirmed that the creation of the network of journalists is the first step, the next one is to agree on an information treatment within the Moroccan media that makes women visible and the third to reach the media.
We must remember that the fact that the IV International Meeting of Journalists with a Gender Perspective of the RIPVG takes place in Morocco generates a lot of expectation and motivates the brand new network to continue working.
The journalists who are members of the RIPVG, Saida Boudaghia and Nadia Lamhaidi, will be responsible for coordinating this new network.

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