Argentina. Diario raised the blog Hijas de Eva

Bradley Rice | September 19, 2018 | 0 | News , Political News , World News

The newspaper Río Negro raised Hijas de Eva, the first blog with a gender perspective of Argentina in a newspaper, which journalist Susana Yappert had been working on for three years. The cause was that the blog had published an open letter from a minority shareholder of the newspaper to the note ‘Is Cristina weak?’ In which the journalist Alicia Miller doubted, with misogynistic arguments, the solvency of President Cristina Fernández to continue with the management.
On Thursday the 28th, an open letter from a minority shareholder of the Rio Negro newspaper, Alberto Laría, began to circulate in the emails of friends. It was a response written from the pain of those who hurt. An answer to a journalist from the newspaper Río Negro who had given her opinion about the presumed weakness of President Cristina Fernandez a few hours after she had lost her husband (Is Cristina weak?). A misogynistic analysis that was even debated in forums of journalists with a gender perspective who, at that time, analyzed the irrational and rogue discourses towards the president, whom they tried to show as Isabelita’s very reincarnation.
The friends redistributed the open letter of Beto Laría to other emails and these to others. In the space of 24 hours, I received 50 mails with the same content to my personal mailbox. In the open letter appeared elements that I will ponderé: it is written by a psychologist, chose a direct style and that tried to hurt as much as it had hurt the writing that generated it, a style that any journalist – even I – would file; written also by a militant who knew exile; and a fact that is not minor, a shareholder of the newspaper in which the journalist Alicia Miller is pro-secretary of writing. It is not less in the sense that it reflects that there are shareholders of the newspaper who do not agree with the line that the newspaper maintains years ago defined by one of these shareholders as ‘darkly neoliberal’, a fact that does not surprise any savvy reader.
I had read the note by Alicia Miller and practically all the columnists of the newspaper of the 28th. In honor of the truth I could not finish it, I endured until the note of Carlos Torrengo; Of course I had already read Rosendo Fraga and the entire opposition press and my ability to digest all that was full; because – it is not possible to ignore it – in Argentina from the day Kirchner took office (remember the opinion of Claudio Escribano predicting Kirchner a year of government) and even more after the 125, directly went back to journalism factional. For those hours I also needed to hurt and I solved for that single fact, not to write. I was going to let some days pass to rehearse something with another look, the one that has guided me for 20 years in this job: ‘neither laugh, cry, understand’. Laría chose another path. Speak from your pain and from your anger.

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